Vita Sulpicii

Bishop Sulpicius of Bourges (d. 646) is perhaps most notable for being the metropolitan bishop of Desiderius of Cahors, because some of his letters survive in the Desiderius corpus. There are two early vitae, both brief. The second version contains a prologue which says that the text was intended to be a sermon (sermo) to remind future generations of Sulpicius’s virtuous example. It also appeals to the testimony of eye-witnesses – a trope, yes, but one which plausibly motivates dating both vitae to within a few years after Sulpicius’s death.

Latin Text:

Vitae Sulpicii Biturigi, ed. B. Krusch, MGH SRM, 4 (Hanover, 1902), pp. 371-80  [link]


An English translation has been posted online by Dr Sarah Brush [link]

Select Manuscripts:

A1 London, British Library, Add. 11880.

B1 Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. 32 [link] – a manuscript from Reichenau, written before 846.