Pseudo-Jerome, Martyrology

The martyrology of Pseudo-Jerome is list of saints’ names to be celebrated in mass, arranged in calendrical order. Most entries state only the name and the place of martyrdom or burial. The martyrology is prefaced by two short texts highlighting the position of the apostles in the calendar. In the form we have it, it was likely produced in Luxeuil or a related house, as it has clear Columbanian connections – the oldest witness, from early eighth-century Echternach, includes feasts for Columbanus himself, Athala of Bobbio (d. 628) and Eustasius of Luxeuil (d. 629). A second version either deleted or never included the entries for Athala and Eustasius, and was built up with different local interests. A manuscript of 772 from St Servatius, for example, includes entries for saints including Eligius of Noyon (d. 660), Amandus of Tongeren-Maastricht (d. 675) and St Lambert of Maastricht (d. 705).

Latin: eds. H. Quentin & H. Delehaye, AASS November II. 2 (Brussels, 1931).

Translation: none.

Select Manuscripts:

Paris, Bibliotheque nationale de France, lat. 10837 [link] – an early copy from St Willibrord’s monastery of Echternach (now in Luxembourg), made before 728 when a marginal note was added in a calendar on 39v. The manuscript was originally a number of units but they were bound together at an early date. The other materials include possibly the oldest extant Dionysiac Easter table on 44r (for the years 684-702).

Wolfenbuttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod. Guelf. 81 Weiss [link] – a copy from St Servatius’s, Maastricht, to judge by the highlighting of the feast of St Servatius on f. 45r. It was written in 772 according to a page-long chronological note at the beginnign of the manuscript, which is consistent with the pre-Caroline script it is written in. Like the Echternach manuscript, the work was copied alongside computistical materials.

Select Bibliography

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