It is difficult to be definitive about the scriptorium of Lyon because there was simply no ‘house’ style. Most attributions are based either on the assumption that manuscripts in Lyon most likely originated there, or else that the content of the manuscript shows affinities with the centre’s specialisations (e.g. canon law).

Cologne, Dombibliothek, 212 [link]

Geneva, Bibliothèque de Genève, lat. 16 [link] – Augustine’s Sermones, written in a late-seventh or early-eighth-century uncial. Annotations were made by Florus of Lyon in the ninth century, which secures the connection to Lyon – although it is possible it was written in another southern centre. The manuscript is notable for being written on the whole on papyrus. – see also Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, lat. 11641 [link] and St Petersburg, National Library, Lat.F.papyr. I.1 [link].

Lyon, Bibliotheque municipale, 426 [link] – Augustine, Enarrationes in Psalmos, written in uncial. ff. 1-8 are written in an early-seventh-century quarter-uncial.

Lyon, Bibliotheque municipale, 443 [link] – Origines in Leviticum, written in an early-seventh half-uncial. Some annotations in Merovingian cursive, e.g. f. 82v.