Barberini Diptych

The Barberini Diptych, now in the Louvre, shows a triumphant emperor, possibly Justinian I, emperor 527-565. On the back are a list of kings, queens, bishops and saints for commemoration, including Childebert II and his sons Theudebert and Theuderic, and Chlothar II. The list is associated with Brundhild because it also lists Sigibert I, her husband, and Athanagild, the Visigothic king who was her father. The royal list ends with Ingund, who was likely Brunhild’s daughter and the wife of Hermanegild, the rebellious son of King Leovigild of the Visigoths.

H. Omont, ‘Inscriptions mĂ©rovingiennes de l’ivoire Barberini’, Bibliotheque de l’ecole des chartres, 62 (1901), 152-155 [link]

File:Diptych Barberini Louvre OA9063 whole.jpg