ApocFrontThe Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014). [READ Ch. 3]

Wolfram Brandes: ‘[a] very stimulating book, which will certainly shape the course of research on apocalyptic thinking for a very long time to come’ (American Historical Review).

Richard Emmerson: ‘An impressive accomplishment and an exemplary contribution to our understanding of medieval apocalypticism. It is highly recommended’ (Speculum).

Anne Latwosky: ‘With its unprecedented new take on an age-old question, this book will be essential reading for many, if not all, students of the medieval world’ (Catholic Historical Review).

Frankish World CoverAnglo-Saxons in a Frankish World 690-900, Studies in the Early Middle Ages, 19 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2009).


Charles West: ‘[a] sensitive and methodologically exemplary book’ (The Medieval Review).

Paul Fouracre: ‘What he [the author] has done is written a very useful and learned book on the construction of the Anglo-Saxon missionary in hagiography (Early Medieval Europe).

Ian Wood: ‘unquestionably a work that one can recommend as a point of departure for understanding the work of the Anglo-Saxons on the continent in the late seventh and eighth centuries’ (Cercles).


Early Medieval Hagiography, Past Imperfect (Arcs-Medieval Press/ MIP, forthcoming 2018).

Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2018) – with Matthew Gabriele.










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